Aquatics Program Registration

We are very excited that you have decided to join our Year-Round Aquatics Program.

This is a youth swimming and water polo program for beginners and those whole have been playing for just a few years to learn and develop their abilities.

The cost for the Year-Round Aquatics Program is $125 per month (plus annual membership to USA Water Polo).

***Please note participants should be strong swimmers***


Below is all of the information you need in order to register in 3 easy steps!


Please read the instructions carefully follow each of these steps completely:

Step 1

You will need to join USA Water Polo in order to participate with our club at practices, swim meets and competitions. You can register by clicking the button below. (This page will open in a new tab or window.)

Please make sure to sign up as a "Bronze Athlete" unless you are also part of the Water Polo club. In this case, you will need to sign up as a Gold Athlete. Our club is the "Miami Riptides (1564)".

Please make note of the ID number you are given. You will need this number in order to complete the next step.

If you are already a member of USA Water Polo, have your player number handy and skip to Step 2.

Step 2

Log in to your USA Water Polo account and fill out the 'Covid-19 Return to Play Release and Waiver'

Step 3

Completely fill out our swimming registration form by clicking the "Register" button below.

And that's it!


Now get ready to get your game on and have some fun!  See you at practice! 🙂

P.S. Have you joined our Riptides Swimming Facebook Group yet?